About us

College Cabs was founded by college students who pride themselves on providing a great service at affordable prices that you can rely on.

Some Things We Do For You
1) We have flat rates to many places so you know how much its going to cost before you ever get into the cab!
2) We use technology to make ordering a cab simpler, an more efficient, by using a smartphone app. Because taking a taxi shouldn’t be challenging! And of course you can always call us at (855) TAXI-4-US or (855) 829-4487. Download our app by searching “College Cabs” in the app store.
3) We contract with Greeks for emergency rides to get your members home safely, as well as for pre-scheduled social events.
4) As should go without saying, but the City of Pullman does require us to state that we have a ZERO Tolerance Policy with our drivers. If you feel your driver was under the influence, whether drugs or alcohol, please report this immediately to the local police, and then follow up a complaint with our customer service department. You can send an email to us at admin@mycollegecabs.com.
5) For your safety we inspect all of our vehicles on a regular basis, and during the winter equip all vehicles with winter rated snow tires.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to let us know how we can better serve you, comment on your College Cabs experience, or for any other reason, you can always call our 24/7 phone number or you can visit our contact page by clicking the button below!

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